Hate Got to Move

by Katdelic

Released 2016
Released 2016
Katdelic, led by Ronkat Spearman, Grammy nominated and BMI Songwriter of the year award Winner. Member of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic from 2000 to 2010. An Original rockin' heavy dance-charged funky sound.
From San Francisco, Ca. P Funk Allstar RonKat Spearman is Authorized to play the Funk.

Katdelic, is a band that fits perfectly in the line up for any club or festival. The project of a member of one of the most influential funk bands in history,
Led by Ronkat Spearman, Their live show features two bass players, guitar, a horn section, DJ loops, keyboards and background singers.They make music that is a unique hybrid of rock, funk, soul, edm and pop. The resulting groove is infectious, futuristic and sophisticated, giving audiences an insatiable need to dance all night.

About RonKat Spearman:
Projecting a wide range of talents as a composer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Ronkat Spearman showed an aptitude for music at an early age and developed a unique style, playing guitar left handed but strung for a right handed player. Realizing his gift for making music, Ronkat left his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Los Angeles to pursue his dream. In a short time he wrote many songs that became hits for dozens of artists including Jade, Toni Braxton, El Debarge and Rick James. Ronkat garnered Grammy nominations and was awarded BMI Songwriter of the Year for his song "Don't Walk Away" (Jade).

" It's all about the beats for me, coupled with a cold melody and good lyrics. I like to keep my mind open to the pulse of the people because it inspires me, whether I am writing a love song, a dance song or a funky groove." (RonKat Spearman)

His musical skills were further confirmed in 2000 when RonKat was asked by George Clinton to join Parliament Funkadelic. He spent the next ten years touring the world as a guitar player and singer for Parliament Funkadelic, honing his performance skills in the process. While he drew deep inspiration from playing with P Funk, Ronkat continued to develop his own style as a songwriter and composer for what would become his own band - Katdelic.
Ronkat is a polished entertainer and Katdelic delivers the goods. The band is a hybrid of rock, funk, soul, and pop; an infectious, sophisticated mix that moves mind and body into a groove that lasts all night long. The Katdelic ensemble features 2 bass players, a horn section, DJ loops and background singers to deliver a wide range of musical textures.
Katdelic is the new school sophisticated funky expression for right now - this moment. A tidal wave of musical love coming right at ya.

" Even after just two shows, I’m starting to look forward to hearing their originals as much as the more familiar, revered P-Funk tunes, which makes sense since this isn’t a tribute band but a new tributary off funk’s mighty, muddy river." Jambase 2014

"RonKat Spearman is an artist with a dynamic stage presence,an amazing voice, solid playing skills, remarkable versatility and a foundation that will insure his future in the music industry for a long time to come" - FAD Magazine

"I caught last 2 hrs of Ronkat at Boom Boom Room. Ronkat is now my favorite funk band. Folks from Brown Fellinis on bass and folks from P-Funk on guitars. I am sprung." Rickey Vincent (KPFA History of Funk)

"Not only does he sing and play about five different instruments well, RonKat is literally a song writing machine who is able to write a song in less time than it takes most people to write a letter" American Music Press

"RonKat is a crowd pleaser and he is truly funky" George Clinton

"RonKat Kicks Ass" - Garry 'Starchild' Shider


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